ROUGE with Riannon Mclean
This is the project that started my love for shooting personal projects.
Riannon and I were on tour with a dance company in Europe.
The signature look of the show we were touring was a girl with bright red hair & for this season that dancer was Riannon Mclean.
I loved the look of the red hair against the urban landscape and  saw this as a great opportunity to get some shots of Ree around Europe.
I was interested in what I could create with a minimal of equipment and support so we decided that we would use no lighting, flashes or reflectors, no assistants, makeup or anyone else. The wardrobe would consist of what Ree had in her suitcase.
Ree was fantastic and I quickly learnt that by showing Ree the shots as we were taking them she could self correct herself. It only took a day of this for me to ask Ree to become a partner in the shoot rather than just the dancer/model.
The shoot was a fantastic learning opportunity and still is the base of how I like to work today.
This collection is the result of shooting for 12 weeks on our days off.
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