Lavene Ngatokorua
Ms Lavene Ngatokorua is a Wankangurru/Adnyamathanha woman and mother to Dre. Lavene is a courageous leader who is recognised for her lifelong advocacy on behalf of community. As an artist and curator Lavene has established a contemporary practice focused on exploring and expressing her cultural connections and strong humanitarian beliefs.
CHRIS: I was introduced to Lavene when she asked me to mentor her in lighting, an element of my photography that I'm extremely  passionate about. I was very happy in our first meeting that Lavene was able to tell me about what she thought my photography was about which closely aligned with my vision. As well as Lavene being a very capable photographer in her own right we both share a desire to create photos with a strong narrative to them.
Lavene has assisted Erin Fowler and my self on a number of photoshoots and it's always been a pleasure to a story teller on the shoot.
Lavene, Kyra & Erin and I are collaborating in the development of creating some unique photo projects to be shot on her country in 2021.
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