ERIN: "13 years after arriving as young fashion model I returned to Paris in September 2019.
 I was there for work again – but this time it was all within my control which was an incredible experience. 
 Photographer Chris Herzfeld of Camlight Productions and I have been working together, with the support of Kyra Herzfeld, on dance photography collaborations since 2010. Together we have developed an attuned and creative approach to creating shots, and when the opportunity to shoot in Paris came up, it was something we couldn’t ignore. 
 I had been touring my solo theatrical dance work FEMME around the UK and European Fringe Festival circuit, with Chris and Kyra offering touring support some of the way. So we thought it was worth a trip to Paris for a few days to experiment with a new collection of shots. We had been working towards an aesthetic that combined the best of dance and fashion photography - drawing on the range of movement and interesting shapes that dance brings, with the more traditional modelling poses that give a sense of drama, poise and style. For me, this has been such a satisfying process as it has allowed me to combine my experiences in modelling and dance and to bring my own creativity into the photographic process with Chris and Kyra. 
 Paris was a dream for us, with perfect and diverse weather conditions and a really easy flow to each day of shooting (with plenty of pastries and macarons to keep us going in between!).In 3 days we managed to capture a staggering 70+ final shots in iconic Paris. As always, some of my favourite shots in the collection are from some of the unexpected moments, rather than the planned ones. That said, getting jumping shots in front of the Eiffel Tower was awesome and dancing on pointe in front of the Paris Opera a dream.
 My relationship to the modelling world has often been a mix of emotions. Through the creation of my work, FEMME, I have been able to process and come to peace with some of the experiences and feelings I have about the industry. So returning to Paris, this time as a 31 year old woman, touring my own show, and being able to offer my own creative voice to the photographic process felt like a reclamation of my body, my creativity and my image and a coming full circle of sorts. I hope you enjoy looking at the images we created as much as we did making them"

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